refined beach

LOCAL 2.0 celebrated the brand’s organic growth and entry into Mamsha Al Saadiyat, an exclusive promenade along a sandy beachfront.
It was to infuse the streetwear culture of their first store, with the slightly upscale beach context.

Key to this, is the harmonious interplay of primitive building materials referencing LOCAL’s essence, with refined and reflective elements inspired by the landscape. Materials like brick and concrete are contrasted by glass and mirror. The neutral palette is derived from the surroundings, with focus on materiality to add depth and warmth – where desert beach meets street culture.
With this project, we wanted to push the boundaries of materials and their typical applications by using crisp elements and design details that subtly merge with humble materials and basic forms.
The main coffee counter features a custom built corrugated glass facade, with mirrors offset behind and gravel and a linear light in between. The glass represents the translucency and natural undulations of the sea, and the mirror mimics the reflections of the sun on the water.
LOCAL 2.0 is a push for something different, something that brings that element of ‘street’ into a refined beach setting. A space where people gather, feel at ease and connected to nature. A place where intricate design details reveal themselves in time, creating special moments of surprise for their viewers.