french charm

A high-end boutique selling a wide variety of hand-picked charcuterie, imported goods, and fine wine; Fine Bouche was to reflect the client’s love for fresh food and drink – housing a mix of retail items in a Parisian-inspired gathering space. 

The retail elements were designed to be modular, allowing for different display options, with a clean and contemporary purity in the choice of materials. Emphasis was placed on creating a natural circulation through the retail and gathering spaces, as to encourage interaction between people and delineate the boundaries between staff and customers. 

A section of the first floor slab was cut to counteract the low ceilings and create a double-height void over the communal dining area.  The result is a curated, shared experience in a grandeur setting, sided by a visually impactful, feature wine wall that spans both floors.

Through tactful placement of items, lighting, geometries and forms alike, Fine Bouche encourages customers to engage in their senses. The harmonious interplay of a classic black and white kitchen floor, a rich live wood table, subtle hues of burgundy on elaborate wall panelling against raw concrete bulks and sleek black frames, create an ambiance of understated elegance, alluding to an air of French charm.