In ode to the owner, who happens to also be the head pastry chef mastermind behind the brand, the new Wake n Bake echoes a modern interpretation of traditional Emirati design elements, combined with an innovative use of local traditions, styles and materials.

Classical roof domes are abstracted to form understated light niches in designated seating areas. Materials and textures are used on organic forms, inspired by the flowing ripples of sand dunes further reference the bakery / restaurant’s key ingredients. Gradient hues of sunset dominate the space, creating a romanticized setting of bold, sensual forms along the beachfront promenade.

Reflecting the extensive imagination of the chef and product, unconventional pieces and unique communal seating types are emphasized; adding an air of excitement to how people socialize and interact by exploring the boundaries of traditional furniture. Playful, contrasting materials range from shiny and reflective, to matte and transparent, are spread across different planes, evoking a cheekiness and the element of surprise into spatial design. From smooth undulating forms to statement ,contemporary pieces, the new Wake n Bake space is a whimsical embodiment of a fun and playful product.