a community space

With GROUND, the intention was to create a home-grown, welcoming space serving all-day organic food and speciality coffee. Located within a community mall, it is designed as a friendly, neighborhood eatery that caters to those residing in the area and beyond, with multiple seating types; individual and group, leisure or business, a space with something for everyone.

The overall space is clean and simple, with minimal interventions introduced for functionality, otherwise left untouched. A seemingly long, narrow space, GROUND is almost like a spine, providing a direct passage from the community mall to the outdoor garden, drawing in elements of design along the way that help enrich a typical ‘ neighborhood cafe’ feel. The materials proposed exude a strong sense of craftsmanship and attention to detail. Mostly natural and textured; white stones and different shades of grey are contrasted with warm wood feature furniture and a distinctive plaster paint, reminiscent of Japanese influence.