home away from home

Beirut is a city that has a natural, exotic charm and diverse history. It is a place where a sense of style and taste is strong, yet so diverse and full of unique ideas. “ZUR”, meaning ‘“to stay/visit” draws reference to this, with classic materials used in a novel way, and re-imaging how traditional design elements are implemented.
In lieu with the contextual significance in our approach to the design, collaborating with local talent for the branding and art direction was key. Branding collaterals and custom commissioned art feature throughout the building, employing patterns, geometries and color derived from materials used in the space.
Zur personifies the adaptability of the modern hospitality industry; with several room styles pushing the notion of diversity and a personal touch. A strong emphasis on basic geometries together with subtle materiality and color help articulate the individual character of the different room types – a little something for everyone, a personal guest feel in a memorable environment.