AH Residence is an entire new-build residential project in Al Riyadh City, Abu Dhabi. Designed for an Emirati & Moroccan family, the brief was to design a 7 bedroom house reflective of the couple and their progressive lifestyle.

The massing was first created in response to its geographical context, with the overall villa orientation facing North West to capitalize on natural light, and openings located on the two main extremes to regularly direct a natural breeze across the living spaces throughout the day, maintaining a well-lit, cool environment within.

Spanning two floors, all living spaces were proposed to overlook the front and back private gardens. A strategic framing of views was the main guiding principle used throughout the project, from the back garden seen upon entry to draw visitors in, to the internal double height courtyard intersecting the central space. A seamless flow was maintained between public, semi-public and private spaces across the residence, with the use of natural materials acting to both blur boundaries and demarcate spaces from each other.

The exterior majlis was to represent the client’s love for coffee, and provide a space for him to host, brew, and display his bean collections in a cafe-like setting.

Highly influenced by its context, the residence is a combination of both modern and regional elements. Overall, it is kept clean and crisp white, with some Middle Eastern influences hidden in the brass detailing, the intricate use of wood and an overall warmth in its gathering spaces – a true embodiment of the couple and their amiable nature.