culture hub

The second DISTRICT10 branch is a joint venture between the renowned, cultural hotspot and a fast-growing, local catering business called NOMAD.

Located at the second largest Mina Port Zayed in Abu Dhabi, the space was to represent the unity of cultures through food, culture and travel; an international trade hub between UAE nationals, expats and the daily flood of tourists arriving at / transiting through the port.

The process began by breaking down the largely rectangular space using the built in columns as zone boundaries and integrating them through shelving and furniture – creating a dynamic flow through and elements of surprise to discover. A specialty coffee bar is central to the space, surrounded by a stepped seating element for people to group, eat, read or perform. Dark blue hues and teak wood elements referenced the link to cruise ships, and all things marine – key to the UAE’s history.

DISTRICT10 is a local representation of cultural infusion through design, artfully incorporating traditional Emirati elements to an overall modern and minimal aesthetic.