contextually authentic

Amongst Few Abu Dhabi is the second branch of the fast growing regional brand. The space is meant to stand as an authentic, first and now permanent staple presence in the capital. 

Located in the old, historic Mina district – the cafe / retail store is our take on embracing Amongst Few’s bold entry into a new context, all the while maintaining a raw simplicity and premium feel associated to the brand throughout. 

In Amongst Few fashion – cement, steel and concrete are the underlying materials making up most of the space, blending seamlessly with intentionally untouched, traditional architecture unique to the Mina context.  Glass frames across the space frame the external context and Port Mina views. 

Retail, art, music, food and lifestyle contrast the otherwise monotone, upscale industrial space.  Feature elements like a broken wall in cement create peaks into the retail space from the main cafe, while a ceiling suspended retail table hangs in the background – an artistic detail that invites passersby to walk around and explore the space from all angles.